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  1. I am a fiscal conservative. I am paying attention and mad as hell about Republican created deficit and debt. I agree with you Ms. Cutter. We have dance to the tune Romney is belting out to massive deficits and economic collapse. Deregulation and tax cuts for the most wealthy have failed. If this is all you can do Romney then this Republican who loves his country must vote for the better man who is Obama.

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  3. “Finally, to award the Olympics to China, then to snub it, is highly insulting.”To award the Olympics to China and then to nothing when their government cracks down on peaceful protests in Tibet, interfere in Darfur, and more is more insulting to the people of China than anything else.Do you think Tibetens are feeling that they’ve recieved the “fair & just” end of politics?

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  7. That is one example, but I think thorium cycles offer better safety and performance, primarily because they can operate in a thermal-spectrum, allowing them to operate in their most reactive configuration. This reduces the fissile inventory in the core and reprocessing holdup by a factor of 5-10 over a fast-spectrum reactor, improving the economic competitiveness of the reactor.

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  10. kritter Looks like they are doing whats best for the bottom line. Its much cheaper to pay “scientists” to dispute these findings than to change the technology. Global warming deniers can then quote the new studies to show that the scientific community is not united behind this issue. Its smart business, because they know most Americans don’t know or care what the rest of the world believes about this issue. Interestingly enough, more than 90% of Democrats believe the study released yesterday, only 13% of Republicans do.

  11. If the diaper was “sopping” wet, how long did she leave him in it? One of the things with cloth diapers is that you need to change the baby more often. I cloth diapered four kids, and most of the time, a “sopping” diaper is a diaper that was left on for hours. Gross.

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  16. I am a high school teacher and have always had trouble connecting names and faces, but have to do it constantly. At some stage or another I have suffered from all the symptoms, including walking past my mother in the street thinking, ‘that woman looks familiar.’ However, it’s making the connection between a photo of someone and the 3D version of the person that gets me the most; or extrapolating from a photo to a person in front of me. Especially if they have changed their hair. Is that common?

  17. Although my children are disability-free, I care very much for people with all sorts of disabilities – physical, mental, and emotional. This post reminds me of when I myself went through two years of undiagnosed fibromyalgia and often got similar stares and dirty looks. Like, “You’re 20 years old; why are you sitting when there are older adults standing?” or “You’re asking me to move over two feet so you can hold onto the handrail as you go down the stairs?” Thank you for the reminder that not all disabilities are readily visible.

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  22. How sad. I know he’s old (82) but I’ve known plenty of people his age (and older) who still have all their marbles and are a joy to listen to. Mr. Eastwood’s really too doddery to be standing up there pontificating on subjects about which he seems profoundly ignorant, and as for the imaginary president and the imaginary exchange – wow. With any other audience, the whole performance would have been met by acutely embarrassed shuffling in chairs, surreptitious sideways glances and, later, demands for a refund of the ticket price. How are the mighty fallen…

  23. A Emmanuel, le Venezuela,Cuba et le Nicaragua n’étant pas actuellement membres du Conseil de Sécurité, ils n’ont pas eu à voter, ce qui explique l’unanimité.

  24. infatti mi chiedevo di questi tempi come mai a un mese dalla fine del mondo nessuno rilasciava notizie assurde. Ci pensa studio aperto con la sua attendibilità grande quanto un granello di sabbia a informarci tutti. Grazie licia della spiegazione. Tanto da qui al 21 dicembre hai voglia di vedere idioti che parleranno a vanvera della fine del mondo.

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  26. Shawn McConnell – She is so beautiful and I hope to see lots more pictures of her in the future. I am so glad we can share these precious moments together and be so far away from each other.

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  28. Oh my gosh, what a great story! That sounds like a narrative waiting to happen. A pet duck named Spot! Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by. Made me smile this Monday night!

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  33. Wonderful post but (wet-blanket English-teacher time) I believe that "The media imagines that it controls public discourage in its echo chamber" is meant to refer to "public discourse"? Other than that tiny slip, I envy your ability to whip words into a concise, organized whole. For me, organizing words and arraying arguments and ideas is like trying to herd cats… Sigh.

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  45. Bugs,Jost, his collegues and the “credible journals” that print their propaganda—uhh, I mean “studies”– pass themselves off as “neutral” objective observers–a personal blog, by its very nature, is the opinion of the writer. That is a very big difference.

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  65. I think we saw this show during the stimulus “debate.” They presented their ideas in a working session, the Dems incorporated them, and the Repubs took pride in 100% “no” votes.The Repubs will come and they will cooperate, weaken the bill, then vote no anyway. Then pat themselves on the back for doing so. They’ll show up because they smell blood in the water. This is a game they know how to win.

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