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  1. I am a fiscal conservative. I am paying attention and mad as hell about Republican created deficit and debt. I agree with you Ms. Cutter. We have dance to the tune Romney is belting out to massive deficits and economic collapse. Deregulation and tax cuts for the most wealthy have failed. If this is all you can do Romney then this Republican who loves his country must vote for the better man who is Obama.

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  3. “Finally, to award the Olympics to China, then to snub it, is highly insulting.”To award the Olympics to China and then to nothing when their government cracks down on peaceful protests in Tibet, interfere in Darfur, and more is more insulting to the people of China than anything else.Do you think Tibetens are feeling that they’ve recieved the “fair & just” end of politics?

  4. I agree Joel….Taking a small step towards a goal usually leads to far greater success down the line to bigger and brighter things.Once I realized that I couldn’t become the end all be all to the world, I began to actually accomplish things.Great post!David DamronLifeExcursion

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  6. Alors que le premier commentateur y faisait déjà allusion, il a donc fallu attendre trois jours et 40 commentaires pour que le pot aux roses de la Bergerie soit dévoilé !Merci à la finesse du conformiste.En tout cas, ça a permis un débat sur la critique…

  7. That is one example, but I think thorium cycles offer better safety and performance, primarily because they can operate in a thermal-spectrum, allowing them to operate in their most reactive configuration. This reduces the fissile inventory in the core and reprocessing holdup by a factor of 5-10 over a fast-spectrum reactor, improving the economic competitiveness of the reactor.

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  10. kritter Looks like they are doing whats best for the bottom line. Its much cheaper to pay “scientists” to dispute these findings than to change the technology. Global warming deniers can then quote the new studies to show that the scientific community is not united behind this issue. Its smart business, because they know most Americans don’t know or care what the rest of the world believes about this issue. Interestingly enough, more than 90% of Democrats believe the study released yesterday, only 13% of Republicans do.

  11. If the diaper was “sopping” wet, how long did she leave him in it? One of the things with cloth diapers is that you need to change the baby more often. I cloth diapered four kids, and most of the time, a “sopping” diaper is a diaper that was left on for hours. Gross.

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  16. I am a high school teacher and have always had trouble connecting names and faces, but have to do it constantly. At some stage or another I have suffered from all the symptoms, including walking past my mother in the street thinking, ‘that woman looks familiar.’ However, it’s making the connection between a photo of someone and the 3D version of the person that gets me the most; or extrapolating from a photo to a person in front of me. Especially if they have changed their hair. Is that common?

  17. Although my children are disability-free, I care very much for people with all sorts of disabilities – physical, mental, and emotional. This post reminds me of when I myself went through two years of undiagnosed fibromyalgia and often got similar stares and dirty looks. Like, “You’re 20 years old; why are you sitting when there are older adults standing?” or “You’re asking me to move over two feet so you can hold onto the handrail as you go down the stairs?” Thank you for the reminder that not all disabilities are readily visible.

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  19. Back to the topic; Re. graham and the Mormons vs. Obama; “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Re. “Cults”. There are some general guidelines that are/ can be used at least in part to define and identify a cult; Mind controll, financial controll, absolute central controlling person or persons, required isolation, apocolyptic, lack of transparency/ secrecy/ hidden knowlege, occasional physical restrictions, gradual/ systematic indoctrination without benefit of being able to know the final outcome.

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  21. I am sure if we all had money to burn ( and at least a JOB ) we would all dump crazy money into a crazy bike, and get into trouble. The one thing here is humility. Waving a wallet around is never a nice thing, especially in this time.I think God heard a challenge and responded.I hope he will ride again, we all need crazy ride guys to gawk at, and it would be cool if they were a little more humble about their good fortune.We all do stupid things. Motorcyclists probably more so than most people.

  22. How sad. I know he’s old (82) but I’ve known plenty of people his age (and older) who still have all their marbles and are a joy to listen to. Mr. Eastwood’s really too doddery to be standing up there pontificating on subjects about which he seems profoundly ignorant, and as for the imaginary president and the imaginary exchange – wow. With any other audience, the whole performance would have been met by acutely embarrassed shuffling in chairs, surreptitious sideways glances and, later, demands for a refund of the ticket price. How are the mighty fallen…

  23. A Emmanuel, le Venezuela,Cuba et le Nicaragua n’étant pas actuellement membres du Conseil de Sécurité, ils n’ont pas eu à voter, ce qui explique l’unanimité.

  24. infatti mi chiedevo di questi tempi come mai a un mese dalla fine del mondo nessuno rilasciava notizie assurde. Ci pensa studio aperto con la sua attendibilità grande quanto un granello di sabbia a informarci tutti. Grazie licia della spiegazione. Tanto da qui al 21 dicembre hai voglia di vedere idioti che parleranno a vanvera della fine del mondo.

  25. It is tough to go without the holiday trimmings. Athough my husband and I do not celebrate the holidays there is still a big void not being able to eat cheese and pie. I would have never thought that there would be no cranberry juice in the supermarket! I am ordering some things online, but basically I am realizing that this is my life now and it is what it is. Food is not going to make me move back to America.LOL Thanks for reading and be well.

  26. Shawn McConnell – She is so beautiful and I hope to see lots more pictures of her in the future. I am so glad we can share these precious moments together and be so far away from each other.

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  28. Oh my gosh, what a great story! That sounds like a narrative waiting to happen. A pet duck named Spot! Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by. Made me smile this Monday night!

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  30. It is inspiring to think that the women of Hancock have been working for the greater good for over 100 years. Thank you for uncovering and sharing his story. It reminds me of the women who come together to sew school bags.

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  33. Wonderful post but (wet-blanket English-teacher time) I believe that "The media imagines that it controls public discourage in its echo chamber" is meant to refer to "public discourse"? Other than that tiny slip, I envy your ability to whip words into a concise, organized whole. For me, organizing words and arraying arguments and ideas is like trying to herd cats… Sigh.

  34. This problem seems like it should be easily studied: find a sample of people of diverse background; have them take a reading comprehension test (of several varieties); and test their DNA for varieties of ASPM/Microcephalin.Hypotheses:1) People with lower reading comprehension skills will likely not have the newest variant of ASPM.2) People with reading disabilities (such as dyslexia) are prime candidates to have archaic ASPM.3) It’s possible that human populations with very little history of human writing would have archaic ASPM.Why hasn’t this study been done yet?

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  38. A gente cria mesmo proteções para aquilo que nos machuca, incomoda, não entendemos ou não conseguimos “deglutir” de forma aceitável para nós mesmas, e aí fica aquela sensação de que ” lá no fundo todas essas perdas prematuras me marcaram muito mais do que imagino….” Marcaram sim amiga…marcam em todos nós, seres humanos e, até em seres irracionais – quantos animaizinhos não desistem de viver após a ida de seus donos? A saudade por “perda” definitiva de alguém, é um dos sentimentos mais perversos.

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  42. “Quando verrà lui, lo Spirito della verità, vi guiderà a tutta la verità, perché non parlerà da se stesso, ma dirà tutto ciò che avrà udito e vi annuncerà le cose future.” Sono parole di Cristo, Gv.16. Ogni comprensione di Cristo e delle Sue parole, al di fuori dello Spirito che da Lui e dal Padre procede, è pura illusione…

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  45. Bugs,Jost, his collegues and the “credible journals” that print their propaganda—uhh, I mean “studies”– pass themselves off as “neutral” objective observers–a personal blog, by its very nature, is the opinion of the writer. That is a very big difference.

  46. I second that pbbbt! I for one have never even had a vacation, much less to the beach. But it sounds like some really good times. I would hate for it to end. So, good one there Rusty.Ozzie

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  55. yes and no… the water that is needed for irrigation will indeed not get wasted directly(though cotton plants consume relatively more water than other plants, and also exhaust the soil), but part of the water for production is contaminated. As clean water becomes scarse I think it´s outrageous to waste so much of it in a production process while there are alternatives. And isn´t saving water also saving energy?

  56. can u make it so that only counts the duration of calls made during a certain time of day. i.e count calls only between 9am-5pm, since most people have unlimited calling after 5,6,7pm….thanks.

  57. Just close it down or pass the torch. Two seperate times we were told there would be some action on here only to have nothing but crickets chirping.

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  61. omg Vix – firstly a f&m hamper for £2!!!! Then the amazing collection of sunnies and you go and put the knife in with the flamingo poncho!!! Im sat here lusting after it all but ive so got to get me a flamingo poncho – totally in love with it! I'd even be happy with just the flamingo shower curtain! Also having glasto lustings, waiting for my little man to be a bit bigger so I can take him :o) Scarlett x

  62. A lot of the Macdonald titles were out of print in the 80s and early 90s, so my collection included a mixture of editions: several of the terrible Fontana covers, picked up in second-hand shops, but also several recent editions at the time from Allison & Busby, in an edition with sort of quasi-abstract covers, or treated photographic fragments?

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  65. I think we saw this show during the stimulus “debate.” They presented their ideas in a working session, the Dems incorporated them, and the Repubs took pride in 100% “no” votes.The Repubs will come and they will cooperate, weaken the bill, then vote no anyway. Then pat themselves on the back for doing so. They’ll show up because they smell blood in the water. This is a game they know how to win.

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